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Forklift trucks play a vital role in promoting a safer working environment. They are equipped with advanced safety features such as seat belts, warning lights, and audible alarms, all designed to protect the operator and prevent potential accidents. Additionally, forklifts are specifically engineered to evenly distribute weight and provide stability when carrying loads, thereby reducing the risk of tipping or overturning. Our vast assortment consists of different kinds of forklift trucks, such as electric, diesel, and LPG-powered choices, allowing us to meet the requirements of any sector or application.

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Our Services

Hire a Forklift in Lymm

We acknowledge that businesses have different needs and financial capacities, which is why we offer flexible lease agreements that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need a forklift truck for a short-term project or a long-term arrangement, we can provide you with a bespoke leasing plan that caters to your individual needs. Our experts will closely collaborate with you to grasp your needs and recommend the ideal forklift truck for your operations. Renting a forklift truck is a cost-effective option for temporary or short-term projects, enabling businesses to easily adjust the rental duration as required. Our fleet of forklift trucks undergo regular maintenance and servicing to ensure consistent and dependable performance.

Forklift Repairs & Servicing in Lymm

Our dedicated team of service engineers plays a vital role in guaranteeing the seamless operation and upkeep of forklift trucks across various industries. With their outstanding expertise, they are able to swiftly identify and resolve any potential problems that may arise. Our engineers are highly trained in handling different types of forklift trucks, including electric, gas, and diesel-powered models. They conduct routine inspections and provide maintenance services to keep the trucks in optimal working condition. With their expertise in identifying and preventing potential problems, as well as their extensive experience in forklift mechanical and electrical systems, they efficiently troubleshoot and resolve technical challenges to prevent breakdowns and accidents.

Forklift Sales

Premier Lift Trucks, located in Lymm, offers a wide selection of forklifts from reputable manufacturers, both new and used. These versatile lift trucks are vital in industries such as logistics, retail, and construction. They have the ability to handle various loads, including pallets and bulk materials. Our team of experts is committed to helping you find the perfect forklift that meets your specific needs and budget, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Explore our extensive range of forklifts to find the ideal solution for your requirements.

Why Choose Premier Lift Trucks?

Experience & Knowledge

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we guarantee to offer you the suitable truck for your operational requirements, along with any essential advice on health and safety. Premier Lift Trucks holds a wealth of expertise and proficiency in the realm of forklift trucks, positioning us as a valuable asset for your company. Our team of skilled experts can develop tailor-made solutions that precisely cater to your unique needs.

Quality Forklifts

At Premier Lift Trucks, we recognise the vital role that forklifts play in ensuring the seamless functioning of warehouses, distribution centres, and industrial facilities. Our team of experts is available to assist you in discovering the ideal forklift solution, whether you are seeking to purchase a reliable machine for long-term use or require short-term rental options to meet fluctuating demands. With our extensive range of forklift trucks, including electric, diesel, and LPG-powered options, we can cater to the needs of any industry or application. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements, and allow us to assist you in finding the perfect forklift truck for your business.

First Class Customer Service

At Premier Lift Trucks, our primary objective is to meet the demands of our valued clientele. From the initial point of contact until the provision of ongoing support following your purchase, our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring a smooth and trouble-free experience. We are fully committed to prioritising your business needs and guaranteeing your absolute satisfaction, whether you opt to purchase or lease a forklift truck. Our extensive expertise allows us to meticulously record all inspections, repairs, and maintenance carried out on the trucks. These records play a vital role in monitoring the complete history of each forklift truck and determining the frequency of necessary maintenance.

Value for Money

Affordable services have a profound influence on modern society, and this is something we deeply appreciate. At Premier Lift Trucks, we guarantee Lymm businesses that they will receive exceptional value for their money when they choose to purchase or lease a forklift truck from us. We take great pride in offering our customers extremely competitive prices for all our products and services. Our main objective is to empower businesses to make economical purchases or leases without compromising the quality and worth they obtain in return for their investment.

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We understand that businesses need value for their hard earned money. At Premier Lift Trucks, we guarantee Lymm businesses that they will receive exceptional value when they choose to purchase or lease a forklift truck from us. We take great pride in offering our customers extremely competitive prices for all our products and services. If you have any questions about our FLT’s, please contact the team today.


Premier Lift Trucks Ltd are specialists in all aspects of forklift truck sales (new and used), hire, servicing and repair across the North West including: Blackburn, Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Bury, Chester, Chorley, Clitheroe, Colne, Fleetwood, Lancaster, Leigh, Liverpool, Leyland, Lytham, Macclesfield, Manchester, Morecambe, Northwich, Oldham, Ormskirk, Preston, Southport, St Helens, Stockport, Wigan and Warrington. Contact Premier Lift Trucks for more information or for a quote.

Joe M.

I have been a customer for many years and have no complaints at all. Keep up the good work!

Andy J.

Great work! Your service engineer was excellent, did what he said he would. Job is a good one. Would recommend.

Jane B.

Mike P.

We have dealt with Premier for 20 years plus they supplied and service all of our fleet of 8 FLT .They are quick to react to all our requirements and the service recording is second to none ,just looking at the length of time we have done buisness answers all questions ,I have been a customer of Premier for 20 year plus ,i think the long period of time answers all the questions ,the team throughout are professional and quick to react to any requirements.We have 4 depots in the UK and Premier service all TILES UK GROUP .

Compotex L.

We use Premier for all our forktruck maintenance, and when there is a problem their response time is excellent and the team back at their office coordinate everything well and keep us informed with progress.
We have also bought a second hand forktruck from Premier, and I know that they have made sure that the truck has been fully repaired and refurbished before sale.

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