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Things to Consider when Buying a used Forklift

Are you considering some cost-effective options for your business? A second-hand forklift truck can be a good choice. However, there are things to consider when buying a used forklift. Take into account some checks, quality issues, age, longevity and assess value while weighing up your options. Bear in mind these points before you buy a used forklift so that you weigh up whether purchasing a used forklift is likely to give you the answers you think you might need.

Reflect on the forklift age and type of usage.

Besides checking that the forklift has low mileage, it’s also a good idea to try before you buy. Making sure the lifting mechanism hasn’t suffered strain is an option. Judge for yourself how smooth and efficient lifting feels. A forklift hour is the equivalent of about 30 miles in a car. It’s important to note the likely forklift truck usage in hours.

Is the used forklift truck suitable for your jobs?

It can be easy to buy a used forklift and then realise that it isn’t suitable for your jobs. Save time and expense by finding out the essential details. How long do you need it? Is the lift capacity correct for the load sizes and weights that your jobs require? It’s usually best to choose a forklift based on need rather than price. Opting for a cheaper model may be less suitable and cost you more in hours of labour.

Are the long-term running costs a factor?

Are you planning to keep the forklift for a while? What’s the likelihood of needing the forklift again, for how many jobs and over how many years? Buying a used forklift may prove to be the best option for you. Consider both the up-front costs of purchasing the forklift truck machine and the ongoing maintenance. Running the forklift you choose is all part of the price you pay in the long term. Try the forklift to check the essential aspects, such as the wheels, the controls and the engine. Check up-to-date price lists for components so that you know that you can get spare parts if you need them. It’s helpful to get an idea of prices and make sure your forklift spares are readily available.

Has the forklift been maintained?

Good engineers and repair shops should keep records of past services, maintenance and repairs. A used forklift truck will also have appropriate certificates. Ask to see copies of all certificate before buying a used forklift truck.

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