How To Increase The Life Of Forklift Batteries

Knowing how to increase forklift working hours depends on the health and maintenance of the batteries. Your truck is only useful with power, so encourage all employees to keep forklift battery health in mind. You can get the most out of your equipment with a good daily routine and some simple checks. Save time, expense and hassle with correct battery procedures.


Different types of forklifts explained

Whatever the job, we all need the right tools to get the right results. There are many different types of forklifts explained below. Whatever the job, we all need the right tools to get the right results. Forklifts, transporters and load vehicles can all help with objects too heavy to rely on human strength alone. Whether your warehouse operations or construction project site needs to rent or buy a forklift, you might want to ask for expert help to make sure you invest in the right forklift for your needs and requirements. Here is a snapshot of our knowledge of some of the best options:


Should I Buy a Sideloader Forklift

Are you wanting equipment to handle wide or long loads? Are you asking yourself, should I buy a sideloader? Perhaps your warehouse has narrow aisles, with little or no turning room.

Sideloader integrated loading platforms and forklift help bear the weight when moving loads. Unlike a traditional front load forklift, a sideloader distributes the load pressure across the width of the machine. Operators transport loads on a larger stable platform compared to a forklift truck where the weight is held at just one end.


Forklift Safety Rules.

When considering forklift safety rules, perhaps we should start with the Health & Safety at Work Act to get an in-depth understanding of how to take reasonable care. Forklift operators must follow forklift safety rules at all times. Forklift truck safety is compromised when the machine is not used correctly. Following forklift safety rules is just one way of applying the correct health and safety guidelines.

Carry out a forklift check to report faults. Use a checklist agreed by the site manager. Fill in the log of reviews correctly and immediately report any concerns. Ensure that the machine prevented from operation until concerns are investigated and resolved. (more…)

Things to Consider when Buying a used Forklift

Are you considering some cost-effective options for your business? A second-hand forklift truck can be a good choice. However, there are things to consider when buying a used forklift. Take into account some checks, quality issues, age, longevity and assess value while weighing up your options. Bear in mind these points before you buy a used forklift so that you weigh up whether purchasing a used forklift is likely to give you the answers you think you might need.

Reflect on the forklift age and type of usage.

Besides checking that the forklift has low mileage, it’s also a good idea to try before you buy. Making sure the lifting mechanism hasn’t suffered strain is an option. Judge for yourself how smooth and efficient lifting feels. A forklift hour is the equivalent of about 30 miles in a car. It’s important to note the likely forklift truck usage in hours.

Is the used forklift truck suitable for your jobs?

It can be easy to buy a used forklift and then realise that it isn’t suitable for your jobs. Save time and expense by finding out the essential details. How long do you need it? Is the lift capacity correct for the load sizes and weights that your jobs require? It’s usually best to choose a forklift based on need rather than price. Opting for a cheaper model may be less suitable and cost you more in hours of labour.


Choosing the Right Forklift Truck

Experience in warehousing and logistics teaches us that the choice of the forklift must suit the situation. There is such a wide range of forklift trucks that tailoring the right solution depends on the specific tasks and the circumstances.

Choosing the right forklift truck for your business takes into account several key factors. Safety of both your product stock and staff is the first consideration. And the second consideration is the type of load and weights lifted. And then, depending on your warehouse, there are specific machines and technology attachments that help to make your business more efficient.

The Right Forklift for the Right Job.

The right forklift truck is the one that can move your loaded crates, boxes and pallets with safety. The first consideration is the amount you need to lift. Every forklift truck has set weight limits. Only then can you establish whether your forklift can lift the weight to the height you need. Again safety is of paramount concern. Your forklift may be able to lift 2 tonnes but is unlikely to safely lift that weight up to the full height of the mast. Set your quality criteria by evaluating the stable weight load limit that poses no potential for falling over.

You may also need a specialist attachment to move certain items safely. Awkwardly shaped products may need bale and drum clamp. Assess the attachments you need to move products when the traditional forks may not be adequate.