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Forklift Safety Rules.

April 21 2021
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When considering forklift safety rules, perhaps we should start with the Health & Safety at Work Act to get an in-depth understanding of how to take reasonable care. Forklift operators must follow forklift safety rules at all times. Forklift truck safety is compromised when the machine is not used correctly. Following forklift safety rules is just one way of applying the correct health and safety guidelines.

Carry out a forklift check to report faults. Use a checklist agreed by the site manager. Fill in the log of reviews correctly and immediately report any concerns. Ensure that the machine prevented from operation until concerns are investigated and resolved.

Always work safely, efficiently and with due care and attention. Watch out for pedestrians. Watch out for other vehicles.

Raise the load into the forklift travel position before moving the forklift truck.

Use the mirrors (if available) and look in the direction of travel before moving the vehicle. This is especially important when reversing a forklift.

Position the forks into the centre of a load centre of gravity. Be aware that the centre of gravity may not be the physical centre of the load.

Travel at low speeds that are appropriate to both the load and the working conditions.

Slow the forklift truck down well in advance of a corner turns, especially when the vehicle is unladen, or the conditions are wet.

Look for overhead obstructions on every forklift journey – however short or familiar that trip might be.

Travel with the fork load facing upwards on every incline and ramp.

Keep your forklift truck clean.

Report all damage immediately.

Park trucks correctly. When the fork is lowered and then handbrake on, it’s safe to remove the ignition key.

Use the equipment whilst alert, sober, substance and alcohol-free

Use a maintenance and safety checked truck at all times.

Lift loads that are within the truck rated capacity.

Carrying passengers or lifting anyone is prohibited. There are exceptions to this rule, but only when an approved personnel cage is supervised.

Always stop before anyone attempts to walk under a raised fork or load. Reverse safely to avoid such hazards.

Travel only when the load/forks are below the recommended travel position.

Be fully aware of the effects of rear-end swing when turning corners and approach with caution.

Stop before attempting to drive overland levellers or dock plates. Check their capacity and security before you proceed.

Only allow authorised personnel to use your forklift truck.

Park your forklift where it will not create any obstruction or hazard.

Note: This information should be used as a guide ONLY, forklift trucks should only be used by a fully trained and qualified individual.

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