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Different types of forklifts explained

June 13 2022
Prem Different Forklift Truck Types

Whatever the job, we all need the right tools to get the right results. There are many different types of forklifts explained below. Whatever the job, we all need the right tools to get the right results. Forklifts, transporters and load vehicles can all help with objects too heavy to rely on human strength alone. Whether your warehouse operations or construction project site needs to rent or buy a forklift, you might want to ask for expert help to make sure you invest in the right forklift for your needs and requirements. Here is a snapshot of our knowledge of some of the best options:

Counterbalance forklift

The counterbalance forklift is a good choice for general warehousing needs. It is the most well recognised of all the forklifts. They are sometimes known as warehouse forklifts, suited to the smooth surface of indoor storage space. Weighted at the back to provide a stable lift action, the three-wheel model is ideal for circular transportation. The narrow design allows access along small aisles.

Reach forklift

Reach forklifts work where counterbalance forklifts cannot reach! If you need high reach for narrow indoor warehouse high stacked shelving storage areas loaded and unloaded regularly, then the reach forklift vehicle is ideal.

Side loader forklift

Similarly, the side loader has a slim structure to the reach forklift. Side loaders access areas where a regular counterbalance won’t fit. The forks are on the side of the vehicle, and there are models suitable for outdoor and indoor use. If you need to manoeuvre longer products such as lengths of timber, then take a closer look at the side loader options.

Telehandler forklift

The telehandler forklift has an extendable boom and arm reach. The arm action is likened to a small crane, as it can elevate objects higher than most forklifts. Agricultural firms with tight-fitting or unusual shaped areas are an excellent example of customers choosing a telehandler forklift model.

Rough surface and all-terrain forklift

Forklift stability is all-important when transporting materials over a rough surface. Working outdoors over rough and uneven surfaces is no challenge for an all-terrain forklift. Stability is achieved with its oversized and deep-tread tires. Adverse weather conditions also demand additional care and safety considerations.

Pallet truck

A pallet truck is more moveable than a traditional forklift truck. Pallet trucks are ideal if you move light loads regularly. There are also cost advantages, as they tend to be the cheapest option. However, as the pallet truck is smaller than a forklift, the load limit might not be adequate for heavier loads.

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