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Benefits of Buying an Electric Forklift

January 12 2023
Benefits Of Buying An Electric Forklift

Can specific forklifts help you to save money and stay within your warehouse budget? There are many comparisons, between an engine-driven forklift and an electric forklift. In this article are some of the operational efficiencies of electric forklift engines. We examine the benefits of buying an electric forklift.

Forklifts are the powerhouse of warehouse operation equipment. Their projected lifespan is significant for efficient operations. Overall purchase and maintenance costs can add up, so planning expensive investments is essential. There are minor or no performance reductions with an electric forklift compared with the engine forklift equivalent. Plus, the bonus is that you can make significant savings.

A new electric forklift usually costs more because the battery and the charger are included in the price and must be paid up-front. After the initial investment, however, the cost of the electricity to recharge the battery and the water to top it up should work out significantly lower than the fuel cost for an engine. At today’s prices, this is the case. Work through potential scenario comparisons to determine whether it is a suitable investment for you. We are happy to supply our latest cost comparisons for you, which show fuel costs vs recharging costs.

Electric forklifts are particularly ideal for small warehouses and facilities. Some smaller chassis forklifts have a closed mast height of less than 2m. Smaller chassis enable the forklift to pass easily through doorways. A smaller electric forklift chassis compared with an engine forklift also improves manoeuvrability. The smaller turning radius is, therefore, perfect for small aisled facilities and reduces the risks of operator error, as smaller turning circles allow for easy navigation.

Electric forklifts generally offer longer service intervals and lower routine maintenance costs. Each electric forklift has far fewer components than an engine-equivalent counterpart. The filters, engine oil requirement, filters, coolant and other ancillaries don’t exist. There is also the added benefit of no waste engine oil. Reducing long-term costs is the aim of electric forklift manufacturing.

Electric forklifts have a few health & safety benefits. Removing the need to store Diesel (or LP Gas fuel) reduces the risks of combustion fire at your premises. Workplace noise reduction is also a significant benefit as it provides an improved working environment for employees and a quieter place for neighbours to work and live.

The Higher capacity ratings of an electric forklift are allied with increased truck stability due to the electric forklift truck’s lower centre of gravity.

The near-zero carbon emissions dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of facility operations.

Lateral battery changes – from the side of the truck – are speedy, easy and safe on an electric forklift. Removing the battery and replacing it from the side of the truck is always close to the ground, providing limited opportunity for damage to the operator or truck.

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In summary, reducing operating costs, reducing damage costs, protecting operators and keeping the Health & Safety Officer happy are all excellent benefits of buying an electric forklift. Please contact us to discuss your business operation aims and requirements if you want to know more about specific electric forklift models.